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Minimum Security Dorm

Four Person Cell

Mental Health and Juvenile Units

State, City and County governments are now reevaluating the ways to reduce the cost of incarceration.

Now that technology has created a wide variety of normalized living units, we must take advantage of this technology as soon as feasible.”

— Michael Rosenberg

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 / — Governors and county executives across America are now realizing that the real savings in the business of incarceration is actually the “Business of Reducing Incarceration!” and to be able to do it over a reasonable period of time, safely and intelligently. Reducing recidivism is now the centerpiece in facility planning. Recidivism, (the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested for a similar offense), used to be just a buzzword thrown out to appease inmate rights organizations. It is now being recognized as the true goal and when done correctly, the savings to the institutions combined with the extrapolated savings to society could exceed hundreds of billions of dollars. While crime will never be eradicated, it can be dramatically reduced . Just as with the Covid crisis, there will always be new strains (new crimes), but with proper treatment and protocols deaths can be reduced. City, state and county administrators  are determined to have their staff recognize and implement the “New Now” for incarceration and rehabilitation, Architects, program planners, lawyers, courts, correctional veterans, elected and appointed officials in all branches of government, probation officers, educators, law enforcement officials and society at large, are finally all on the same page. The New Now is here and when implemented it will reshape the entire justice landscape. The vast talents of our present leaders in the above referenced areas can be refocused to the positive goals of rehabilitation and the brick and mortar structures can be utilized for a more positive housing and treatment for the vast majority of inmates who truly need drug and psychological care and treatment. We have the talent and we have the real estate, and now we have the will to do it. Department of Corrections staff, as conscientious and talented as they are, can not do it alone. They need all of society to pitch in and dedicate the resources necessary to accomplish this worthy goal. Everything from parenting education programs to upgrades in psychological counseling. We need the media to focus more on what’s good for society rather than what horrible crimes can we focus on 24/7. The steps are similar to what have been used in the past, but they have to be updated dramatically.

Sentencing Guidelines
The courts now realize, that one size does not fit all, Every sentence must truly be reviewed and customized to the situation and the circumstances, and not compared to other verdicts where there may be a myriad of differences and circumstances. Defense attorneys and prosecutors must work together to have justice for the victims and intelligent verdicts and when applicable, sentencing that will help to bring an end to the vicious and costly cycle of recidivism.

Inmate Classification
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