Harnessing sensing systems towards urban sustainability transformation | npj Urban Sustainability –

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    PIK donate soil and seedlings to Mandaluyong City – The Manila Times

    PIK turns over materials to enhance Mandaluyong City’s community garden. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    PIK, Europe and Russia’s largest technology homebuilder in Europe and Russia, and PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards Breakthrough Developer of the year, recently donated materials for the community garden of Sambahayan Condominium Association in Mandaluyong City.

    Materials include garden soil and seedlings of vegetables and ornamental plants. This corporate social responsibility activity…….


    Fishers company builds sustainable homes for Kentucky tornado victims – WTHR

    Workers at Land Betterment Corporation, headquartered in Fishers, delivered four “ekō” homes to Dawson Springs, Kentucky this week.

    FISHERS, Ind. — Hundreds of families who lost everything after tornadoes ripped through parts of western Kentucky, now have the daunting task of finding a place to call home. Help is pouring in from across the country, including from a central Indiana company.

    Land Betterment Corporation, headquartered in Fishers, has come up with a unique way to put people in homes in just a matter of days by restoring and rehabbing old shipping containers.